Asia Hoe

Curiousity Is My Superpower!

At 14, I was introduced to the web and discovered my calling. When I saw my peers, other young writers and artists across the globe, designing beautiful websites to share their works online, I had to learn how they did it. What began as a simple gesture of curiosity, a right-click to view source, quickly became my passion.

I sought every book and website on the subject, quickly developing a proficiency in (X)HTML and CSS at the peak of the web standards movement and the blog's rise to popularity. Before long, my penchant for learning quickly and self-direction led to job opportunities in web design and development, both on campus and at internships in the city.

Now, as before, I learn best by doing. I continue to read books and articles and attend meetups regularly. Teaching has also been instrumental in my learning, so I also run a meetup about all things tech with friends, Tech Under Thirty, mentor young men of color interested in pursuing careers in the tech industry at All Star Code, and teach women how to design and code games at Code Liberation.

Curiosity is infectious. If you'd like to learn more about me, please feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About This Site

I designed my portfolio website as I would any other product, beginning with sketches, wireframes, and lots of research. I designed it mobile first, responsively using HTML5 and CSS3 with Sass and a pinch of Bourbon. In the interest of learning Ruby, and the added benefits of speed, portability, and security, coded the site from scratch to run on a static blog-aware site generator, Jekyll. Goodbye WordPress, for now.