GameChat: Multi-Platform Chat App for Gamers

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Gaming is often perceived as a solitary activity, yet gamers are more social than ever. While there is a plethora of social media apps available, very few have tackled social connectivity across gaming networks very effectively, or in a game focused context.

Defining the Problem

While Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and other social media websites and applications are popular among gamers as stand-in solutions for their communication needs, they each come with their own quirks and are not tailored to the unique interests and needs of gamers as users looking to connect with others on different game networks. GameChat bridges the gap between the gaming networks and social media, allowing cross-platform chatting in a gaming context, or online.

Discovering the Solution

GameChat is currently a work in progress and is continuously evolving through user testing, interviews, and iterative design. I am currently working on version 2 with the GameChaser team.

Please feel free to check out version 1. Our BitBucket repository is currently private.